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The importance of packaging is indisputable, either to protect the product, as well as to identify it and assist its transport. However, the importance of packaging does not stop there, it can be used as the bait of attention and curiosity for your product or brand. This can be achieved by using a differentiating package.

Using a differentiating packaging that makes your product emerge on the purchase shelf, distinguishing itself from competing products is a crucial step for the purchasing process. Getting your product’s attention to customers will stimulate the urge to buy.

At TINBOXPLUS®, you will find differentiating metal packaging solutions produced in a personalized way, both in size, shape and also customization and finishes. This is the case with metal packaging with retro product designs, such as old radios for example. Metal packaging can be used in a wide range of industries and is already distinguished by the exquisite material they use. By adding an individualised design will add up to the success factors for closing sales.