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There are several neuromarketing studies that indicate that the vast majority of decisions made are unconscious. That is, there is an opportunity to explore when it comes to impulse shopping. The use of music boxes as the packaging of your product can bring immense advantages to your brand at this point.

Music boxes as packaging can mark a placement of premium brands or can be used punctually for times where sales are higher and purchases are mostly made to offer, such as Christmas.

Music has always been associated with moments of pleasure, so having music boxes as your product packaging will contribute to an excellent shopping experience for the buyer and consumer, in the event that they are different people. This same experience favours the recall of the brand/product and loyalty. It should be noted that discarding a package that is simultaneously a music box will be very difficult, that is, its packaging will be stored at the consumer’s home for a long time.

At TINBOXPLUS®, you can find music boxes as a package for your product, and can be produced to measure, and fully customized and you can opt for a classic melody, current melody, melody associated with the sales season (Christmas season for example) or even the jingle of your brand.